I'm Vivian and I'm a Data Analyst working with marketing campaigns performance for the last five years. During this time I developed my skill to investigate marketing data and seek the best results.

In the last year, I was working in freelance projects as data analyst consultant for marketing and involved with personal projects.

In 2018 July I moved and started to work in Berlin.

How I work

Since 2010, I'm working mixing technology and marketing using consumer data for different objectives. I developed during this period a mindset to build products, campaigns or any output using results collected. The foundation of my projects is the Mottainai philosophy that seek to reduce the waste of time, work, money or any other resource to a minimum.


Female Reference is a search to find articles about woman in Wikipedia. It was a project made in Python and Django for Jolt Mentorship

Busywork is a consultant service I made with Thiago Garcia to apply automation to boring tasks in everyday work.

Lendo a Internet is a newsletter about internet pop culture I write. This project is just an excuse to justify the hours I spent on Twitter and Tumblr.